Roadtrip playlist

I’m lucky enough to be going on holiday to the West coast of America this summer. Starting in Vancouver, Canada, myself and three friends will be travelling down through Oregon and California ending up in San Francisco. A big part of this trip will be in a car – a quick check on google maps shows our route will be roughly equal to travelling from Lands’ End to John o’ Groats – so it’s important to get some good music on the go!

A new home for

After using the same web hosting package for a number of years I decided that it was time to spice things up a little. Many web hosts will supply you with ftp access, a couple of databases and then let you get on with it. What I wanted, however, was full control of what my server runs and freedom to install whatever software I desire. With that in mind I soon stumbled across DigitalOcean, a cloud based hosting company offering hosting geared towards developers.

Fighting spam with Akismet

Over the last few weeks it appears some nefarious individuals have located my website and added me to their database of people to inundate with emails about suspicious sounding pills. Now that my medicine cabinet is fully stocked, I decided it was time to put a stop to further spam clogging up my inbox. WordPress comes packaged with the Akismet plugin which is set up to check comment submissions, however I wang it to also check any messages sent via my own contact form, so a little more digging is required.

Website redesign launch

Welcome to the redesigned! It’s been a while in the making as I tried to get my head around what purpose I wanted this website to fulfill, and how the website should look, but it’s finally time to share the new look with the world.