Adam Neale

Software Engineer

Experienced Software Engineer and leader with strong experience in the financial services industry. Passionate about technology, building and leading agile teams, and SOLID, object-oriented development. Accomplished using Domain-driven design combined with Behaviour-driven and Test-driven development in order to write readable, testable, maintainable code.

Key Skills

  • Programming Languages: PHP, Go, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks: Symfony, Zend Framework, Chi
  • Testing: PHPUnit, PHPSpec, Cucumber (Behat & Godog)
  • Technology: Docker, MySQL, Git, Vagrant, Amazon ECS/EKS & ECR

Work History

    • Divido

    • Tech Lead
      June 2020 — Present
    • Senior/Lead Engineer
      March 2019 — June 2020
    • Led teams delivering multiple end-to-end integrations with large European banks, facilitating applications for point of sale finance and repeat purchases for customers with an existing line of credit.

      Worked to reinvigorate an ageing tech stack, while marshalling a sprawling set of microservices. Identified and implemented a consistent approach to code-quality and testing, while creating long-term plans to properly define domain boundaries and reduce overall complexity. Moved business-critical services to more performant tech stack, isolating and rewriting core domain logic from PHP into Go.

      Worked with direct reports to build development plans, investing time in mentoring and growing the team to ensure the success of individual goals and delivery of company-wide goals

    • Wellcome Trust

    • Senior Software Developer
      August 2017 — March 2019
    • Worked on Explorify, an award winning science education platform built in-house, helping to release the first stage of the product before leading on both developing new features and reducing technical debt.

      Designed and built a Continuous Integration pipeline including adding unit and functional testing, code analysis metrics and building an artifact for release. Dockerised the application for both development and deployment purposes, and set up automated feature branch deployments to AWS, on code push.

      Led on upgrading application framework from Symfony 3.x to Symfony 4.x. Rebuilt mailing logic using a third party RESTful API; separated out this dependency from the main application and released it as an open source client library.

    • World First

    • Senior Software Developer
      September 2016 — August 2017
    • Software Developer
      April 2014 — September 2016
    • Worked chiefly on the company's online trading platform, facilitating foreign exchange around the world. Heavily involved with decoupling the business logic driving the application from the implementation, allowing migration from Zend Framework 1 towards Symfony 3 while increasing test coverage of the application.

      Also involved with moving towards a more service based approach, breaking out functionality that lies outside of the core domain of the trading application to smaller more focused services, and providing APIs from these for existing applications.

      Worked closely with Project Managers and Business Analysts to aid in defining business requirements, advising on technical solutions while minimising technical risk.

    • Memiah

    • Web Developer
      July 2011 — April 2014
    • Maintained and reskinned several existing core professional directory websites. Built qualification checking and management tool, and in-depth profile statistics dashboard. Worked with designer to build several wordpress themes from provided images. Created new link building application internally for the marketing team.

    • Self-employed

    • Freelance Web Developer
      June 2010 — July 2011
    • Built several small company websites to spec, integrating with WordPress and custom CMS solutions


    • BSc Computer Science

      2007 — 2010
    • University of Durham


  • Zend Certified Engineer